Princess Peepers

By Pam Calvert
illustrated by Tuesday Mourning

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Princess Peepers has a problem! The other princesses at Princess Academy are very un-princess-like by hurting her feelings when they make fun of her glasses. She loves her glasses so much, she has a pair for every outfit. That stops after her humiliation. She’ll be like the other princesses and go without her glasses. In a series of Mr. Magoo-type adventures, she finally falls out of a window and lands on the Prince. Not only is he there for the big ball, Princess Peepers fails to notice that she knocks the glasses right off his face. It is love at first “sight” and everyone sees happily-ever-after. The theme of being true to oneself is shown with humor and brings out Princess Peepers’ good nature. Her idioms poke fun at traditional Cinderella tales. This would be a fun companion piece to a Cinderella unit for the idioms alone. “Holy pumpkins!” and “Holy glass slippers” are some of her expressions. Students could make up their own idioms in the Princess Peepers way as a reading game or reading activity. Despite the obvious similarities to Cinderella, this Princess is her own person and we can’t help cheering for her. This charming book will challenge many second grade readers. The reading level is the upper end of second grade vocabulary but gives a traditional tale a modern twist that delights. A class read aloud of Princess Peepers will have lots of students wanting to read it themselves. Read the sequel: .

  • Princess PeepersTITLE: Princess Peepers
  • AUTHOR: Pam Calvert
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Tuesday Mourning
  • PUBLISHER: 2008, Marshall Cavendish, 32 pages, fantasy
  • REVIEWER: Risa Brown
  • ISBN: 978-0-7614-5437-3

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