The Way I Act

By Steve Metzger

Illustrated by Janan Cain

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Children have a natural curiosity about the world and each responds to the world in their own unique way.   In this second grade book, good character words are introduced so children know what behaviors are expected of them.

The book explores thirteen different ways of behaving in rhyming format that will be easily adored by typical second grade readers.  It is wonderfully illustrated with bright colored pictures that will captivate young children’s attention.

This book is the perfect book for teachers to use for a read aloud, not only to mention and introduce character words to students, but also to mention adjectives to young readers and increase their vocabulary with words such as “persistent” and “cooperative”.

Children will enjoy the rhythmic prose and illustrations so much that they won’t realize that they are actually learning something while they are reading.  In today’s society, there are few books written on a young child’s level that address character education.  This book does a superb job in mentioning character education words that encourage children to be good citizens, not only in school, but in their community as well.

This is the companion book and follow up to The Way I Feel, which discusses children’s feelings and shows how as children get older, they have the ability to control how things turn out.

The author, Steve Metzger, has a website where you will find more information about him and his other books, as well as activities and news about the author at

  • The Way I ActTitle:  The Way I Act
  • Author:  Steve Metzger
  • Illustrator:  Janan Cain
  • Publisher:  Parenting Press, Inc.
  • Reviewer:  Rebecca L. Wagner
  • Hardback:  28 pages
  • ISBN:  978-1-884734-99-1
  • Genre:  Fiction-Character Education

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