Into the Pumpkin

By Author and Illustrator Linda Franklin

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This book begins with an invitation to second grade readers on Halloween night. The reader is invited to hop on the back of the witch’s broom and fly with her through the night.The Bats, Ghouls, ghouls, witches, spiders , black cats, and ravens are ready to celebrate Halloween. They are ready for trick and treating. Invitations are sent for a Halloween party which will be held in a spooky old castle which is next to a foggy cemetery. Every one helps get ready for the party, scarecrows are put out, and tea is made ready.

At the party, there are spooky games, a carved pumpkin contest and witch’s brew bubbling away. The ravens and crows sing their soulful music. The skeletons, pumpkins, and ghosts dance and swirl to the black birds songs. Awards are given out for the best dances and costumes.

The illustrations are colorful yet muted-oranges, rusts, and blues – just right for second graders, not too scary but eerie just the same. The illustrations make the reader feel like you are dashing through the air watching all the Halloween excitement.

The book is told in prose and is perfect for second grade readers, either individually or as an interactive read aloud or a small group read. As a reading/writing activity, students might be encouraged to write their own Halloween poem or short story about what they like to do on Halloween night. Posters with these poems or short stories would be a great way to decorate your classroom.

  • Into the PumpkinTitle: Into The Pumpkin
  • Author: Linda Franklin
  • Publisher: Schiffer Books,2012
  • Reviewer: Susan Couture
  • Hardcover: 48 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-7643-4183-0
  • Genre: Fiction- Prose- Holiday

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