I’m Really Not Tired

By Lori Sunshine

Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

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I’m Really Not Tired is a delightful book that second graders will relate to. Sam is sure his parents do fun, amazing, thrilling things after he goes to bed. And he misses all of it. Well, no more. He is going to sneak downstairs and catch them. His panda companion, Petey, goes along with every scheme. Sam imagines a circus, a rocket ship, cake and ice cream, video games, even zoo animals, all just one floor below, as he snoozes. Getting downstairs without his parents’ knowing is the problem that must be overcome. Despite all his sneaking, he is discovered because the fifth step creaked. Yet, Sam is persistent because of the wonders he is sure he will see. All he catches his parents doing is reading magazines and doing crossword puzzles. He decides the only explanation is that he missed the evening’s excitement and he will simply have to try again tomorrow night. The whimsical illustrations are perfect for the tone of the text. The maps Sam draws are especially fun.
This would be a great read aloud as either a one-on-one or a class read aloud. This lends itself to reading activities such as writing a story about more outlandish things that go on after bedtime or drawing a plan like Sam does for how to sneak down the stairs. The second grade reading level makes this a good book to record as a do-it-yourself audiobook for a second-grade narrator and a team of sound effects performers.

For more reading activities, there are some on the publisher’s website: (http://www.flashlightpress.com/Activity_Guides.html). Lots of fun!

  • TITLE: I’m Really Not Tired
  • AUTHOR: Lori Sunshine
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Jeffrey Ebbeler
  • PUBLISHER: Flashlight, 2008
  • REVIEWER: Risa Brown
  • EDITION: Hardcover, 32 p.
  • ISBN: 978-0-9799746-1-8

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