Into the Spotlight

By Erin Falligant

Illustrated by Arcana Studios

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American Girl has created a series of interactive books that allow the reader to become the main character in a story with many endings.  You, the reader, take charge of the outcome.

In this book, you are positioned in the world of dance. Your friend, Neely, is an awesome ballerina. You wish you could be as accomplished as she is. Neely helps teach a  beginning class, and asks you to join. Reilly signs up for the class right away. Will you: A) Join (go to page 14);  B)  Do you want more time to think about it (go to page 16); or C) Will you refuse because you have other things to do (go to page 17)?   Such directions to the page numbers makes it easy for the reader to choose different paths.

The book has more than 20 paths a reader can take, and this is what makes the reading, easily comprehensible at a second grade level, such a fun experience. It will almost seem to a young reader that the book never ends, because you finish one story and go right back to the start all over with another tale. And then, at the back of the book is a Visitor Access Code that allows you to read even more endings online.

A detailed map of Innerstar U campus in the front of the book brings this world to life. The online site is replete with activities, applications, games and puzzles. A worthwhile addition to any reading list.


  • Into the SpotlightTitle: Into the Spotlight
  • Author: Erin Falligant
  • Illustrator: Arcana Studios
  • Publisher: American Girl
  • Reviewer: Anjali Amit
  • Paperback: 119 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-59369-835-5
  • Genre: Fiction

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