Perimeter, Area and Volume: A Monster Book of Dimensions

Written by David A. Adler
Illustrated by Edward Miller

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Perimeter, Area and Volume: A Monster Book of Dimensions combines things kids love like monsters, movies and popcorn with words and concepts they don’t know: perimeter, area and volume. The movie “Monsters in the Neighborhood” is premiering. In the plot, a family of monsters is bothered by nosy neighbors and to solve their problem, they decide to build a fence. They have to measure the yard to know how much fence material to buy. Other movie and monster scenarios are used for measuring examples. But the tastiest example is using popcorn to demonstrate volume. The popcorn smell almost comes through the pages.

A delightful concept book that can be a great class read aloud, as well as provide problems to solve. The wacky illustrations are perfect for the offbeat nature of the concept presentation. The text lends itself to a reading list or worksheet of new words. Then, as the book is read aloud, students will have the list in front of them and can signal when they hear one of the words on the list. This book sets a new standard for an entertaining math concept book. These concepts are not part of the core curriculum until third, fourth and fifth grades, but this is a good introduction for second graders. There are other reading activities on the publisher’s website: (

  • Perimeter Area and VolumeTITLE: Perimeter, Area and Volume: A Monster Book of Dimensions
  • AUTHOR: David A. Adler
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Edward Miller
  • PUBLISHER: Holiday House, 2012
  • REVIEWER: Risa Brown
  • EDITION: Hardcover, 32 p.
  • ISBN: 978-0-8234-2290-6

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