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Vampire School: Teacher Screecher

By Peter Bently
Illustrated by Chris Harrison

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When the kids at St. Orlok’s Elementary, a vampire school, learn that their beloved teacher, Miss Gargoyle, has bat flu, they wonder who their substitute teacher will be. They’ve heard good things about Miss Fitt, the Frankenstein monster-like substitute who shows up. So the kids are shocked when she turns out to be very mean and only interested in doing math. No more vampire history or menacing music for them. After school, some of the kids turn into their bat-selves and take matters in hand. They look for the reason Miss Fitt ended up so mean. They crawl into the school attic and discover the machine that charges her nastiness. One brave, young vampire hides and is able to use that knowledge to change her to sweet and nice. » Read more

Into the Pumpkin

By Author and Illustrator Linda Franklin

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This book begins with an invitation to second grade readers on Halloween night. The reader is invited to hop on the back of the witch’s broom and fly with her through the night.The Bats, Ghouls, ghouls, witches, spiders , black cats, and ravens are ready to celebrate Halloween. They are ready for trick and treating. Invitations are sent for a Halloween party which will be held in a spooky old castle which is next to a foggy cemetery. Every one helps get ready for the party, scarecrows are put out, and tea is made ready.
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Halloween Forest

By Marion Dane Bauer

Illustrated by John Shelley

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The central figure in this ghostly tale ventures out with a sack and notices every unnatural sight and sound along the way. With the text written in second person, the child could be anyone. Past neighborhoods and the zoo, the child ventures into unfamiliar territory and imagines the trees to be made from bones. The child is tempted to be frightened, but discovers a toughness within that guards against the specters. The inevitable conclusion comes when the child shouts “Trick or treat! Smell my feet!” from a house also ringed with bones, candy and other goodies pour into the sack.
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Pumpkin Countdown

By Joan Holub
Illustrated Jan Smith

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Mrs. Blue’s second graders are going on a field trip. They are getting ready for their Pumpkin Patch visit. is a favorite fall tradition that many families enjoy doing. Since this is a counting book, they are counting down name tags, and almost everything else ( ie: kids on the bus, things to see at the farm, the animals at the farm – just to name a few).
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