The Secret Chicken Society

Written by Judy Cox 

Illustrated by Amanda Haley

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The Secret Chicken Society is one of the best chapter books I have reviewed lately for second grade level readers. It has excellent writing with clear language perfect for second grade comprehension of important concepts. It has realistic scenarios that second grade readers will understand and be able to relate to with their limited life experiences and it has a fun and engaging plot.

Judy Cox has done a wonderful job of using description to get second grade students to grasp the concept of hatching eggs, especially if the students have no prior experience understanding chickens. She combines humor with realistic details about hatching eggs which equals a fun and adventurous story with an underlying lesson on the environment and nature.

This second grade chapter book would be an excellent addition to the science lessons required by the state guidelines because it increases both second grade reading skills and second grade comprehension. It makes a good addition to the classroom library because of its fun and fast-paced storyline. Second grade readers need action to keep on reading and they certainly get it by reading about the antics of Daniel, as he finds, loses, and hides Peepers, the classroom chicken.

The Secret Chicken Society gives a heartwarming story and subtle lessons on teamwork, family, and secrets. Parents will enjoy reading this alongside their second grade students. It is fun and realistic with a sense of the quirky. And don’t most families have a tad bit of quirky? The author also includes a journal of Daniel’s observations while hatching the eggs, as well as a vocabulary list with definitions. Teachers and parents alike will appreciate that resource.

  • Secret Chicken SocietyTitle: The Secret Chicken Society
  • Author: Judy Cox
  • Illustrations: Amanda Haley
  • Publisher: Holiday House
  • Reviewer: Terri Forehand
  • Hardcover: 88 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-8234-2372-9
  • Genre: Fiction

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  1. Sounds like a delightful read!

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