Snow Day for Mouse

Written by Judy Cox

Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

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Snow Day for Mouse is an exciting story about the adventures of a mouse that awakens to a snowy morning.  While watching the birds outside, he is so glad to be inside the warm house safe and secure.  That is until his adventure begins!

This book depicts a typical family snow day where an excited family decides to enjoy their day off by making cookies inside the coziness of their home.  Mouse’s day quickly turns from good to bad when he encounters crumbs on the floor and is accidentally swept out the door with the snow Dad has tracked into the house.  Mouse embarks on a wild adventure with cats chasing him and nonstop action.

Second graders will love the journey that mouse goes on depicted in the colorful illustrations along with the unique way the pictures are drawn from the mouse’s perspective, making the humans and animals larger than life.

This would be the perfect read aloud for teachers as an introduction in discussing adjectives since there is tons of great descriptive language in the book.

The author has written three other adventures for mouse, Cinco De Mouse-O!Haunted House, Haunted Mouse , and One is a Feast for Mouse.

  • Snow Day for MouseTitle:  Snow Day for Mouse
  • Author:  Judy Cox
  • Illustrator:  Jeffrey Ebbeler
  • Publisher:  Holiday House, Inc.
  • Reviewer:  Rebecca L. Wagner
  • Hardback:  31 pages
  • ISBN:  978-0-8234-2408-5
  • Genre:  Fiction-Snow/Mice

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