Carter’s Christmas

Written by Lisa Bullard
Illustrated by Katie Saunders

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Christmas is special time of year with many traditions and celebrations, but for Carter, it’s about giving his grandma something special. Carter’s Christmas, by Lisa Bullard, is a sweet story written from the perspective of a little boy who’s trying diligently to make a present for his Grandmother, who he lives with. Bright and cheery, Carter’s Christmas is also full of fun tidbits of Christmas trivia and traditions.

Young Carter has the idea to make a special paper ornament for his grandma to hang on their tree. He secretly begins to make his present, but continually is interrupted by his grandma and important Christmas traditions. Carter’s grandma takes him to see Santa, find a Christmas tree, and attend a Christmas Eve church service. Finally, after having family over to celebrate Christmas Eve, Carter hears Grandma snoring and he sneaks to the kitchen to finish his ornament. Each interruption is exciting for Carter and for each, a short explanation about the tradition is written in a small box on the page separate from the story line.

Illustrated by Katie Saunders, Carter’s Christmas is bright and cheery with simple lines and child like drawings. Each page is full of detail and happy patterns that are attractive to kids. Carter is an elementary age boy who’s easy to relate. Written at a second grade reading level, Carter’s Christmas is divided into short two or three page chapters and would make a great addition to your Christmas reading list. The last three pages include directions for making your own paper ornament, a glossary of difficult words used in the book, index of Christmas traditions, and a “learn more” list of complimentary books. This Cloverleaf book also has a free download of complementary educational resources from their website Carter’s Christmas is just one book in a “Fall and Winter Holiday” series from Cloverleaf Books.

  • Carters ChristmasTitle: Carter’s Christmas
  • Author: Lisa Bullard
  • Illustrator: Katie Saunders
  • Publisher: Millbrook Press
  • Reviewer: Pamela Wagner
  • Paperback: 24pgs.
  • ISBN: 978-0-7613-8584-4
  • Genre: contemporary

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