The Little Prince: The Planet of Wind

Adapted by Guillaume Dorison

Artist Direction by Didier Poli

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In the tradition of the novel by Antoine Saint-Exupéry, the Little Prince returns to save many worlds. This graphic novel is the first of four planned volumes in a series. The exquisite artwork alone makes this a book worth having as a second grade read.

The Little Prince and Fox find themselves battling Snake on the Planet of Wind. Imaginative machines and creative landscape further comprehension for the reader. No need to say they’re floating to the ground. No need to note the encroaching ice. The characters are vivid and expressive. The reader knows when they’re troubled or happy or angry.

Wind is the method by which the planet produces and spreads warmth, preventing the planet from becoming an ice planet. The Snake controls Eolus, Governor of the Winds, as part of his evil plan to plunge the planet into darkness. Eolus fights his son Zephyr’s better intentions, putting the planet in peril. Eolus tries to blame the evil events on imaginary pirates. But Zephyr isn’t as easily controlled as his father. The Little Prince helps Zephyr use the giant organ/wind production machine, originally operated by Zephyr’s grandfather, to locate the Great Wind of Legend and save the planet.

An extensive biography of Saint-Exupéry and a section about the new books are included. These sections are interesting enough to read aloud and get the reader thinking harder. Reading activities are suggested by the teacher guides available on the publisher’s website ( Many more activities are conceivable, such as drawing one’s own story or learning more about the original author.

  • Planet of WindTitle: The Little Prince: The Planet of Wind
  • Adapted by: Guillaume Dorison
  • Artisitc Director: Didier Poli
  • Publisher: Graphic Universe/Lerner Publishing Group
  • Reviewer: Sue Poduska
  • Paperback: 56 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-8225-9422-2
  • Genre: Fantasy

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