From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate

Written by Robin Nelson

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Part of the Start to Finish Series, From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate gives kids an insider’s look into the production of chocolate. What kid doesn’t love chocolate? And by the time kids reach the 2nd grade, they are inquisitive enough to want to know more than just that chocolate is a yummy treat. Kids want to know how things are made and it’s no different with chocolate.

The author does a brilliant job of explaining what could otherwise be a very intricate, complex process, in a very easy to understand manner. The language and style used in this book are just right for the 2nd grade reading level. The process of making chocolate is explained step by step in simple, kid friendly terms. Kids will learn the origin of chocolate, the machines used in the chocolate making process and the ingredients that are added to make the chocolate they eventually consume. There is a glossary at the end of the book that will help with new vocabulary learned in the book. The book includes beautiful pictures on every page which bring to life the cocoa bean to chocolate process.

This book would make a very nice addition to any school library and should be included in a 2nd grade reading list.

Since the book talks about the step by step process of making chocolate, teachers can use this as an introduction to a lesson on writing an expert piece. Students can choose their own topic and write a how-to or step by step guide.

Some suggested activities to go along with this book are: watching a video of the actual cocoa bean to chocolate process, visiting a chocolate factory, doing a chocolate tasting in the classroom and even allowing the children to make their own chocolate. An additional reading activity would be to allow children to read the book aloud in groups or to retell the story making their own storyboards.

  • Cocoa BeanTitle: From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate
  • Author: Robin Nelson
  • Publisher: Lerner Publications Company
  • Reviewer: Alessandra Oliveira
  • Hardcover: 24 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-7613-6560-0
  • Genre: Food

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