The Adventures of Jo Schmo: Wyatt Burp Rides Again

Written by Greg Trine
Illustrated by Frank W. Dormer

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Jo Schmo loves her superhero powers that came with a cape she inherited from her uncle. After a successful round of crime fighting, Jo is bored with ordinary life. She wants to be fighting crime, but there isn’t anything going on in her hometown of San Francisco. When she hears about Wyatt Burp, a criminal who terrorized San Francisco in the gold rush days with his stinky burps, Jo decides to build a time machine and fight crime in the past. She doesn’t see the crime right in her own classroom! Two mean girls, Gertrude and Betty, decide to stop Jo with, of all things, a wrecking ball. They don’t realize that the reason Jo didn’t come to school that day is because she’s in the past. Jo and her drooling dog Raymond track down Wyatt, who thinks the girl and her dog are mini-vampires. What follows is a chase of the hilarious kind.

Jo Schmo is just silly enough to be the bridge between silly picture books and silly chapter books. A fun read aloud for either second or third grade, this a good choice for a third grader to read to a younger reading buddy as a literacy activity. There is enough goofy action that this could be adapted for a play if an intrepid writer wants to take it on. The book’s illustrations are energetic and full of visual humor.

  • Wyatt BurpTITLE: The Adventures of Jo Schmo: Wyatt Burp Rides Again
  • AUTHOR: Greg Trine
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Frank W. Dormer
  • PUBLISHER: Harcourt
  • REVIEWER: Risa Brown
  • EDITION: Hardcover, 105 p.
  • ISBN: 978-0-547-80795-9
  • GENRE: Early chapter book

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