Let’s Meet a Construction Worker

Written by Bridget Heos

Illustrated by Mike Mora

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Kids may not be able to visit a construction zone, but Let’s Meet a Construction Worker gives young readers a chance to learn about the different jobs that these community helpers have as they build a new, environmentally friendly school.

This thin chapter book would be a nice addition to a second grade class as a book for individual reading for research during a unit about community helpers or careers. The information within is leveled: there is the main text of the book, but also there are offset notes for further facts on various words and ideas throughout the book, and in the appendix, there is a list of resources for online investigation and other books for digging deeper. Though this book is probably best suited for individual reading, the text is captivating for reading aloud. Students may demonstrate their comprehension by jotting down five main ideas from the book. Since this book follows Mr. Moore, the foreman of the construction site, students may further demonstrate their comprehension by detailing a few aspects of his job.

This book is a Cloverleaf Book, which means that there are several books in a series about Community Helpers, including books about dentists, doctors, firefighters, librarians, police officers, teachers, and veterinarians. Also, this book is supported by Lerner Source, a website for downloading free educational resources at www.lerneresource.com. I would highly recommend this series of books for any elementary classroom.

  • Lets Meet a Construction WorkerTitle: Let’s Meet a Construction Worker
  • Author: Bridget Heos
  • Illustrator: Mike Moran
  • Publisher: Millbrook
  • Reviewer: Sharon Schulte
  • Hardback, 24 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-7613-9023-7
  • Genre: non-fiction/community helpers/construction

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