Stuck with the Blooz

Written by Caron Levis

Illustrated by Jon Davis

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Some days it is hard to get away from the Blooz. So what do you do when you have them? Do you lay down? Ride a bike? Write a story? Do some crafts? In Stuck with the Blooz, the main character explores some ideas for shaking the blues. We follow a nameless character that could be a girl or a boy on a day when the Blooz sticks around, despite several efforts to shake him. The character talks to the Blooz and tries to avoid him, but finally he embraces the Blooz’s presence and together they read, make a hideout, go outside and enjoy nature, and finally on a fast bike-ride, the Blooz just floats off. The illustrations are quite cheerful and enchanting; reading this book and taking in the pictures could cheer anyone.

This book is an excellent addition to any unit on emotions or for a counselor to use with second grade classes as he/she visits throughout the year. There are endless journal entries to go with this book, but as an initial comprehension check, students may be asked to list a few of the things the main character did to cope with the Blooz. Students should also be encouraged to write what works for them when they feel sort of down. Every person is faced with the “Blooz” periodically, but the key to getting over them is to have skills to cope instead of getting buried by the Blooz. Stuck with the Blooz is an excellent book to initiate conversations about coping skills.

  • Stuck with the BloozTitle: Stuck with the Blooz
  • Authors: Caron Levis
  • Illustrators: Jon Davis
  • Publisher: Harcourt
  • Reviewer: Sharon Schulte
  • Hardback, 32 pages
  • ISBN: 978-0-547-74560-2
  • Genre: fiction/self/feelings


  1. Caron Levis says:

    Thank yooz for this lovely—and useful—review! I love hearing new ideas about how teachers, counselors, and families are able to use Blooz to start a conversation. I look forward to sharing your ideas and bringing them into my school visits!


  2. Ian Andrews Vivier

    Stuck with the Blooz | 2nd Grade Reading

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