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Chickens on the Family Farm

Written by: Chana Stiefel

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In this virtual field trip to a family farm, readers will learn how farmers keep and care for chickens. Part of the “Animals on the Family Farm” series, this book is a great introduction to farm living and animal science.

On a family farm, everybody wakes up early to pitch in. The chickens need to be fed. The coop looks like a large tent on wheels. It has to be big enough to house the birds, but easily moveable so they can graze different parts of the field every day. The coop also protects chickens from predators like foxes or hawks, although a rooster will sound the alarm if he senses danger. Children will enjoy the fun facts sprinkled throughout the book. Did you know that some chickens lay blue or green eggs? Did you know that certain breeds are used for eggs while others are used for meat? A farmer can collect 150 eggs in a day. And, of course, a book about chickens isn’t complete without pictures of adorable baby chicks.

With eye-popping colors and oversized headers, each page layout is a digestible “chapter,” a few sentences long, perfect for second grade readers. Crisp, full-page photographs help to illustrate the text and keep the reader engaged. The “Words to Know” section, table of contents, and index will also assist with their comprehension.

Other books in this series (which feature cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and turkeys) can be found on the publisher’s website: Additional reading resources and reputable websites are also listed.

  • chickens on the farmTITLE: Chickens on the Family Farm
  • AUTHOR: Chana Stiefel
  • PUBLISHER: Enslow Elementary / Enslow Publishers, Inc.
  • REVIEWER: Lauren Abbey Greenberg
  • FORMAT: Paperback: 24 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-4644-0351-4
  • GENRE: Non-Fiction / Science


Written by Susan Pearson

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Slugger is a fun book for second grade level readers. It appeals to both girls and boys and tells a great story about baseball. The twist is the characters are bugs and slugs making it even more fun for the second grade reader.

The benefit for the second grade reader is that the story also tells about teamwork in a fun way. This makes Slugger a great addition to the second grade classroom library. The book makes an extra fun way to add team work into the curriculum when talking about character education.

Teamwork is one of the goals of Slugger but the book also shows the characters are not perfect and some of them want to quit. The story does a great job of showing how practice helps the bugs to improve at baseball and that quitting is not an option, another great way to open discussion with readers about character development.

Slugger is an excellent book to include in the classroom or school library. The language is written to be mastered by the second grade reader but it is also written to be read aloud to younger readers. The illustrations are so fun and the bugs and slugs are shown in all kinds of interesting baseball situations that the reader can’t help but laugh and enjoy reading the book over again.

Any book that challenges the reader while also entertaining is a plus for second grade readers. Even reluctant readers will love the story, illustrations, and the characters from Coach Roach to Locust Lou. Second grade level readers will benefit from this book in the classroom.

  • SluggerTITLE: Slugger
  • AUTHOR: Susan Pearson
  • ILLUSTRATOR: David Slonim
  • PUBLISHER: Amazon Publishing
  • ISBN: 978147816417
  • REVIEWER: Terri Forehand
  • GENRE: Juvenile/Picture Book
  • LEXILE: 290

July Titles

Pdf file: July Titles 2nd Grade

The Adventures of Jo Schmo: Shifty Business by Greg Trine, ISBN 978-0-547-80796-6

Go Jo Schmo! Second and third graders will root for this intrepid fourth grader who fights crime in her bathroom breaks. …


All Kinds of Friends by Norma Simon, ISBN 978-0-8075-0283-9

It’s a picture book extravaganza about friends. Staying just this side of too sweet, author Norma Simon and illustrator Cherie Zamazing explore a child’s world of friends. …


Burton the Kind Scarecrow by V.A. Boeholt, ISBN 978-1-58985-202-0

Burton the scarecrow wants to help everyone.  His job is to protect the crops in Farmer Green’s garden. …


Celebrating Texas: 50 States to Celebrate by Marion Dane Bauer, ISBN 978-0-547-89786-8

Readers at the second grade reading level don’t need to get on a bus or a train to see the great state of Texas. They can read this latest in the 50 States to Celebrate Series, Celebrating Texas.


Crankee Doodle by Tom Angleberger, ISBN 978-0-547-81854-2

Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony.  Why?  Well, read the book and find out!


The Dyno-Mite Dog Show by Louise Bonett Rampersaud, ISBN 978-0767462132

In the tradition of Amber Brown, Clementine, and Junie B. Jones, we now have Agnes. She’s a good-hearted, run-amuck third grader who runs The Secret Knock Club with an iron fist, certain that she knows what the club should do and how they should do it. …


Martha Speaks: Summer Fun by Susan Meddaugh, ISBN 978-0-547-97025-7

What’s more fun than a talking dog? Martha, the talking dog, certainly has an amusing view of the world. …


Queenie: One Elephant’s Story by Corinne Fenton, ISBN 978-0-7636-6375-9

Many zoos have an animal that has caught the hearts of its community. Queenie is that animal at the Melbourne Zoo. …


Ralph Tells a Story by Abby Hanlon, ISBN 978-0761461807

Ever had writer’s block? Did you ever feel like what you had to write about just wasn’t very exciting? Well, that is exactly how Ralph feels in this charming metafiction tale. …


Snowzilla by Janet Lawler, ISBN 978-0761461883

… Snowzilla — a simply told tale-in-verse that pre-schoolers to second graders would enjoy. Cami Lou bundles up her brother against the cold and they step out to “build a huge snowman, unlike any other!” …


When We Go Walking by Cari Best, ISBN 9781477816486

With integration being such an important concept in education today, this book is a must have.  What better way to interest your second grade children in taking a walk around the neighborhood or school than to follow Wendy and her family on their walk? …