Clementine, Friend of the Week

by Sara Pennypacker
Pictures by Marla Frazee
Book 4 of the Clementine series

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One of my favorite of the early chapter book series, I was worried that this fourth installment of the boisterous Clementine would be disappointing. Instead, it is as delightful as the first three and perfect for the second grade reader.
Clementine (named for the small tangerine) is named the Friend of the Week. This means she gets to share information about herself and her classmates will write special things about her in a special book that she will take home on Friday. Excited, Clementine shares her luck with Margaret, her best friend. Margaret had been a Friend of the Week last year when she was in third grade. But Margaret won’t let Clementine see her book, and they fight. Making up is hard to do.

As events unfold for the week, Clementine is desperate to make everyone like her, desperate to make up with Margaret and desperate to find her missing pet. It’s an emotional week with a satisfying ending.

This is the fourth installment of Clementine, the larger-than-life third grader, with humorous illustrations by Marla Frazee. The story’s pacing is strong, the plot humorous, bring to life the inner character of a third grader. Perfect for the 2nd grade reader who wants to be a 3rd grader.

Hear the Author and Illustrator Talking about Clementine

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  • ClementineBIBLIO: 2011, Hyperion Books, Contemporary, school.
  • REVIEWER: Darcy Pattison
  • ISBN: 978-1-4231-1560-1


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