A Day at the Fair

By Judyann Grant

Photos by Janice Boland

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A Day at the Fair is a short picture book with text that is easy for a second grader to read alone. The pictures are excellent examples of activities at a local county fair and give  readers a focal point for comprehending the text.

Second grade reading skills include recognizing the names of common animals seen at a fair and also the sounds those animals make. This book reinforces those skills with  language and concepts that children this age know and enjoy. Students who read at a higher reading level may not feel this is a challenging story because the pictures tell the story so well, a student does not need to read to comprehend the meaning of going to the fair.

However, the author does a great job in using sensory descriptions for many of the activities that are seen at the fair, including the smells of roasting chicken, onions, or corn on the cob. She describes the taste of foods that a second grade student would likely have experienced, so the student almost smells and tastes the foods while reading the text and seeing the pictures. By second grade many students have been to or seen a fair but if they have not, after reading A Day at the Fair, students will feel like they have been there.

  • Title: A Day at the Fair
  • Author: Judyann Grant
  • Photography by Janice Boland or that belong in the public domain
  • Publisher: Richard C. Owen Publishers
  • Reviewer: Terri Forehand
  • Paperback : 16 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-57274-826
  • Genre: Non-fiction

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