The Most Dangerous

Written by Terri Fields
Illustrated by Laura Jacques

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What is the most dangerous animal on Earth? Fearsome creatures from all over the world gather for the Most Dangerous Animal contest. Each animal presents its case, boasting that it is the most dangerous. The judges hear from snakes, sharks, crocodiles, spiders, and more, their evidence leaving the judges shaking in fear. Then, the last animal steps up. It is the lowly mosquito, who is jeered off the stage by the other contestants, all of whom are sure they are the deadliest animal of all. But when the judges announce the winner, it is the mosquito who scores the shocking victory! Mosquitoes spread disease, the judges explain, and this tiny insect has been responsible for more deaths than all the other dangerous animals combined.

The Most Dangerous is a science lesson hidden inside a delightful (despite the subject matter), lively story. Second-graders will learn important facts about a variety of animals and no doubt be shocked by the surprise ending. Terri Fields has done a great job of creating a tension-filled and exciting story, and Laura Jacques’s stunning illustrations practically jump off the page, giving readers a close-up look at some of the world’s most deadly and dangerous creatures.

Any second-grade teacher would love to have this book in his or her classroom library. Along with the lively and easy to comprehend writing and the interesting science lessons, the book includes extra resources that add to its value. Readers will discover four pages of learning activities at the back of the book, including a map activity, animal facts, and a project to design your own deadly creature. There is also a link to more online content that will aid teachers in creating reading and writing activities. The Most Dangerous is a great book for reading aloud to a class or for independent readers and is an excellent way to introduce the concept of animal diversity to a second-grade class. And the ending will surprise and delight young readers and make them think!

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  • Most DangerousAuthor: Terri Fields
  • Illustrator: Laura Jacques
  • Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing
  • Reviewed by: Joanne Mattern
  • Hardback: 32 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-60718-526-0
  • Genre: Biography
  • Lexile: 650L

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