What Does a Hammer Do?

Written by Robin Nelson

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Kids are always curious what various objects are for. This brief look at a hammer answers that question in a straightforward fashion. Numerous photographs show close-ups of the various parts of a hammer, its place among tools, and suggested uses. The first page shows a close-up of the striking surface and asks the reader to identify the object. A tool belt demonstrates the group where hammers belong. A proper grip on the handle with work gloves is recommended. The photographs show how to drive a nail and examples of the uses of nails. They also show how to remove a nail with the claw. The author explains what a carpenter does and remarks that hammers are important for building tree houses. Both males and females are shown using hammers, which is a plus.

Second graders can easily read most of this “Tools at Work” book on their own. Parents or teachers will want to read aloud the “Hammers Are Levers” and the “Safety First” sections in order to discuss the content with their readers. The author also includes a glossary and index. Reading activities could include learning about the many different kinds of hammers and using a hammer under supervision. The publisher’s website (www.lerneresource.com) has a lot of information for teachers and parents. This volume is recommended as an early reader because it contains easily identifiable objects.

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